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Experience counts, within social media recruitment as well.

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We know that successful recruitment through social media requires knowledge of both social media and their algorithms, and the recruitment process. It is this combination that creates really good results. Post Social is an experienced, integral supplier who will assist you through all – or some – elements of the communication process

5 steps towards success

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Understanding audiences

Defining an audience is essential for an accurately targeted campaign. The more we know, the more accurate our targeting becomes. For example, when looking for a car salesman, it’s no use searching for people who are ‘interested in cars’ – millions of men and women fit that criteria, but how many can actually sell a Skoda? At Post Social we understand the importance of identifying the right person for the right environment/job.

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Defining channels

Once we have identified your audience, we identify the channels that will lead to the candidates you seek; often recommending a combination of channels.

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Develop messages

We assist in the design of effective messages, enhanced through pertinent visual aids (image, animation and / or movie). Our dedication to generating the perfect combination means we test multiple messages in parallel, before choosing the one with the right impact.

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Circulate & Optimize

We create all the content, publishing it in alliance with your own business profile, or via Post Social.


Campaign performance is continuously monitored. This, along with knowledge gained from other, comparable assignments, allows us to alter text, image or channel selection to achieve maximum campaign effect.

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Delivering statistics

Feedback is essential. Upon completion, we provide a detailed report offering insight into your campaign’s performance.

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